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Beaux Villages Immobilier specialises in property for sale in southern France. We pride ourselves on treating everyone – whether looking to purchase or sell a property – as an important individual, not a financial opportunity.

As buyers ourselves, we remember what it was like to take that leap of faith and trust an agent we didn't really know. We go the extra mile to take the stress out of buying a property whether your budget is €100k or €100 million.

France is the top destination of choice for property buyers in Europe. A stable property market, low crime, long life expectancy, low population density, diverse culture and world famous health, education and transport systems are frequently quoted. This has been our own personal happy experience.

Welcome to France

We all live and work in France and our wish is to help you make the move by sharing our experience in the context of a caring and professional estate agency service.

It’s a safe and friendly place. 

France has about 3 times the landmass of the United Kingdom, with about the same population, so one can quickly see that there is a lot more space!

Statistically population density in France (123 people/km²) is well below half that of the UK (271/km²).

Much of the population is concentrated in cities and large towns and in coastal areas - great to visit, affordable to live in. But if a rural life appeals, come on down. Small villages and the remoter areas have welcoming and vibrant communities.

The education system is envied by many. Ask us - we’ve raised families here and are happy to share our experiences.

Healthcare is accessible and renowned worldwide. It has a lot to do with an enviable top-10 world life-expectancy.

Many incomers worry about learning the language. Please don’t - just have a go.
France is a culturally diverse country and it is very possible to gain complete immersion and never again speak your original language, to live entirely in an ex-pat community in your language of origin, or absolutely anything in between.

What else can we tell you? Crime rates are low and falling. The transport infrastructure is of great quality. There are well maintained, quiet roads, fast reliable trains, direct permanent air links to a huge range of destinations and world hubs. We have unspoilt accessible countryside, high-class sporting facilities, safe clean cities.

The cost of living compares well with most of northern Europe.
The quality of life is more subjective. Of course we are biased! We love it here.

The weather! So much better than the UK, not so hot as Spain.
And the food and wine…

Our property portfolio of many thousands of homes and businesses covers these regions. Click to find out more!

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