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Go with the flow

Julie Savill // Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Entre Deux Mers is embraced by the tidal stretches of the Dordogne and the Garonne rivers and offers history, culture and wine aplenty.

Flowing from the Auvergne in central France, the Dordogne finally makes its acquaintance with the Spanish-born Garonne north of Bordeaux in South West France. And in this watery embrace you’ll find the rough triangle of land known as the Entre Deux Mers. The name translates directly as between two tides and the region stretches as far as the tidal reach of each river. This is wine country; some of the prettiest wine country you’ll find in France with rolling hills, regimented vineyards – many with tasting and buying opportunities - and charming bastide towns to explore. 

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Five questions to ask about your UK pension in France

Blevins Franks // Friday, 12 October 2018

1. How much tax will I pay?
If you have not accessed your UK pension and then take it all as a lump sum, you could pay just 7.5% in French taxes (other conditions apply). Otherwise, taking cash or income from UK pensions attracts income tax rates up to 45% plus 9.1% social charges.
However, you will avoid social charges if you hold the EU form S1 (available once you reach UK State Pension age) or have not joined the French healthcare system. Taking private health insurance could therefore reduce your pensions tax bill by 9.1%.

2. Will the lifetime pension allowance (LTA) affect me?
Combined UK pension benefits (excluding the State Pension) over £1.03 million invite LTA tax penalties of 55% for lump sums or 25% for income and transfers, even if French resident. Once transferred overseas, funds are out of LTA range.

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Les Deux Jours de Montcuq (The Two Days of Montcuq), 40 years of horse-racing

Marion Beschet // Friday, 12 October 2018

This year is the 42nd edition of the endurance horse-race well-known to all horse riders: Les Deux Jours de Montuq (The Two Days of Montuq) on the 3rd and 4th of November.

As its name indicates, this race will take place over two days, with each day's unique circuit departing from Montuq. The contestants will travel over 200km over the weekend on their horses. This represents a great challenge, and as many people say, finishing the race is an achievement in itself.

Les Deux Jours de Montuq is one of the most well known endurance races of the world, along with the Tevis Cup in California, USA and the Tom Quilty Gold Cup in Australia.

The fact that it has remained a huge classic and a staple of the world's horse-riding elite is partly due to its unwavering direction in 40 years: it has always taken place on the same dates - the weekend closest to All Saint's Day (la Toussaint)-, the routes have remained largely the same and most importantly the spirit of the race has held strong throughout the years: competition and the performance of the horse as well as the discovery of a spectacular natural environment.

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Happy BVI buyers

Nicky Charles // Monday, 08 October 2018

We spent last week filming around the sunny Dordogne, interviewing 3 couples who have bought a French property with the help of us here at Beaux Villages.

Watch the video to see how Clive and Trish are enjoying their new life in the sun near Bergerac. 

Just look at that view!

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It shouldn't happen to an estate agent

Raymond Fisher // Saturday, 06 October 2018

In between viewing beautiful houses on glorious sunny days there are days when an estate agent wonders ‘why me?’.

Of course there are plenty of days when it all goes swimmingly but there are also days when you wonder why you ever chose estate agency as a career. Most of us wouldn’t change it for the world and there’s always a steady stream of good stories that make great conversation over dinner.

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Job opportunity in Bergerac!

Julie Savill // Monday, 01 October 2018

Beaux Villages Immobilier is an award winning multi-lingual estate agent.
We operate a family culture online and from shops across the south of France.

We were voted Best Real Estate Agent in France and nominated Best in Europe for 2017/2018.
Our website picked up the same award.

We have vacancies for a few special people to join our team in a wide area around Bergerac.

We are looking for experienced hands-on sales managers and trainers.
You’ll need a proven relevant track record and to be fluent in French and English.
These are salaried positions

And we are looking for commission-only self-employed property consultants - with or without directly relevant experience. We need people-people more than we need hard-sell.
Two languages is a distinct advantage, however we have vacancies if you speak just one and have compensatory skills.

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