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Summer night markets are back!

Nicky Charles // Wednesday, 03 July 2019

Hoorah, it's July! That means the night markets, or 'marchés nocturnes', are beginning this week through to the end of August in a village near you!

A wonderful way to spend a summer's evening, taking in the smells coming from local food stands, sampling local wine, listening to bands, having a dance and making new friends.

What’s more, there is no washing up to do!

You can take a look here to find which day your village is hosting theirs: link.

Image source: Sarlat Tourism

So, what's your budget, then?

Tim Williams // Monday, 01 July 2019

How do you know how far your money will go? Tim Williams, Finance Director of Beaux Villages Immobilier, gets down to the pounds and pennies.

Scroll down for our budget calculator.

Is it just me? I dislike that question. It feels intrusive. And I’m an ‘insider’. I work in the industry.

What I like to hear is, ‘How much would you like to spend?’ I’m a sensitive flower. And of course my standard response would be, ‘As little as possible!’ We’re no further forward………..

So - truthfully - how is an estate agent expected to help me (you) if they do not know the answer? (Let’s put aside for now those agents who do know the answer and promptly ignore it……..)

Now - what IS your budget? Maybe this all seems obvious. Possibly patronising? Conversely, it is quite possible you do not actually know. I didn’t. Looking back and with the great gift of hindsight.

Perhaps it varies greatly according to fluid personal circumstances. ‘Buying on a budget’ is all relative, whether you have €50,000 or a million. You will have expectations. You will have more, or less, local knowledge.

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Be a Sport!

Julie Savill // Tuesday, 11 June 2019

When does sport become leisure? When it makes its way onto your wishlist for your new home in France! Fishing, swimming, riding, walking and more can all play a part in everyday life.

As a national passion this is less established in France than, say, the UK or USA.
But it is accelerating and well supported at grass-roots level, and in practice this currently means affordability and accessibility.

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Meet the Agent: Nico Janssens

Katherine O`Neill // Friday, 07 June 2019

The routes to being a sales agent are many and varied. ‘I moved to France from Belgium in 1996 and, with my parents and siblings started an ostrich farm,’ explains Nico. ‘We sold eggs, feathers, meat, ostrich leather. We did open days and attended markets almost every day.’

After several years Nico decided to try a new career and branched into immobilier. Now, with 11 years experience, he combines selling property from the Eymet office with running ongoing sales for the local team as the liaison between Beaux Villages and the notaires.

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At least I can vote in this one!

Mel Aldous // Thursday, 23 May 2019

European elections are being held in France on Sunday 26th May.

One of the few frustrations of being a local councillor as a British national is having to man the voting office when I don’t have the right to vote! As a British national, if you have registered on the electoral register, you may only vote for your local council or in the European elections.

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The old ones are the best...

Julie Savill // Thursday, 23 May 2019

A deep joy of life in France is vide-grenier and brocante season. What’s the difference? For vide-greniers think car boot sale where individuals bring along the attic finds and cupboard clear-outs and set them out for sale. Brocantes are the rather more upmarket relatives with lots of professional or semi-professional exhibitors selling antiques and collectables. And, of course, the two terms get mixed and muddled along the way and you’ll find a bit of both at many events.

If finding a bargain or hidden treasure makes your heart leap (as it does mine) then you need to get on to the website Put in your département and the date and it’ll show you a listing of all the brocante and vide-greniers coming up.

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